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Resources for Music Composition
Feb 23, 2022
Hi! This is Austin. And here are some really high-quality resources including some masterclasses and tutorials. These tutorials mainly focus on Progressive House and some Techno. And they will definitely help you a lot in making music. In this tutorial, we go over how to create arps from bass/chord progressions to fit your next progressive track. To do this, we go over some stereotypes that hold you back like having an arp that just goes up or down. An Arp can do so much more than this, it can intertwine and contain different rhythms other than the 1/16th, 1/8th... etc. In this video, we create 3 various arp examples that will help in inspiring you and getting you out of your comfort zone. #Arpeggio #ProgressiveHouse Learn simple sound design in Serum and understand how to make 3 basses of progressive house being pluck bass, growling bass and reese bass. #Serum #Bass #ProgressiveHouse In this episode, we will finally bring our knowledge of DIVA to practicality with the creation of some sounds from the Progressive realm. DIVA is a synth that is good at one thing, and it does it so well: analog sounds. Lane 8 is a producer that has been open about his usage of DIVA in his tracks, and as we dive into this episode to recreate some iconic sounds of his, you will see why. Yotto and Anderholm are also heavy users of analog-based sounds, and while we may not know if they use DIVA, we can still make some of their sounds as well. Hope this video inspired you to get synthesizing some sounds for your next production. #DIVA #ProgressiveHouse #Yotto #Lane8 #Synthesizer This is a video where the German deep and progressive house master Ben Böhmer teaches you how to write a track from scratch. #DeepHouse #ProgressiveHouse #House #BenBohmer #Ableton #Anjunadeep #ProductionMusicLive #PML This is a video where Dutch masters of house and techno, Tinlicker in their Utrecht studio as they unravel the production secrets behind their track Bird Feeder including details on how they create their beats and bass lines, process vocals, and layer synths in Cubase. #Techno #ProgressiveHouse #DeepHouse #Tinlicker #Cubase #Anjunabeats #ThisIsNotOurUniverse This is a great full 4-hour video tutorial that shows you how to produce a melodic house music in the style of Lane 8, the American electronic music master. It is extremely detailed in step and easy to understand and follow. #House #MelodicHouse #Lane8 #ThisNeverHappened #Anjunadeep Remaking the style of Tinlicker Fractal from ABGT350 Prague with Ableton Live and Serum only. #Tinlicker #ABGT #Fractal #AbletonLive #Ableton #Serum


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